Tips on Activities and Attractions

Blue Ridge Parkway

As Americas longest linear park, the Blue Ridge Parkway stretches across North Carolina and Virginia and is 469 miles (755 km) long connecting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina with the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is widely known for its beautiful scenery and breathtaking long-range views. Mostly running on the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can stop along the way at its many overlooks and lookouts or visit a nearby park for a relaxing hike to a mountain top, from where you can admire the lush foresty almost carpet-like landscape below.

Any time of year is an excellent time to visit the mountains. However, our favorite times are spring (May to the beginning of June) and fall (October to the beginning of November).

Spring offers you fresh, young greens and blooming wildflowers with crisp deep blue skies as a beautiful backdrop. Our favorite is the wild growing rhododendrons which blossom this time of year and create a vibrant contrast of pinks, reds, and whites to the emerging greens.

If you love colors as much as we do, fall provides them in abundance. The bright red leaves of the maple trees blend gradually with the deepening yellows and fading summer greens and invite you to savor the magnificent symphony of colors, highlights, and shadows.