Pisgah Region / Blue Ridge Mountains

→ Pisgah Region

The Pisgah Region extends on both sides of the Blue Ridge Parkway, starting at Milepost 340 close to Crabtree Falls and ending at Milepost 469 by Cherokee NC. To the north, the Pisgah Region borders the Highlands Region and to the south the Great Smokies Region.

The Pisgah Region is not only known for its beautiful waterfalls and spectacular mountain views, it is perhaps best known for Asheville with its many restaurants, vibrant arts scene and famous Biltmore Estate, the expansive châteauesque private residence of George Vanderbilt (1862-1914), who was the son of railroad tycoon William Henry Vanderbilt.

For Biltmore Estate to be built, George Vanderbilt purchased vast amounts of farms, woodland and forested mountains, in total around 125,000 acres, which also included Mount Pisgah. After George Vanderbilt’s death in 1914, his wife Edith Vanderbilt completed the sale of around 87,000 acres from Biltmore Estate to the U.S. Forest Service, who with this land created the Pisgah National Forest in 1916, which gave the region its name.

With the addition of adjacent forests, the Pisgah National Forest today covers nearly 513,000 acres.

Highlands Region / Blue Ridge Mountains

→ Highlands Region

Stretching for 123 miles (197 km) from the Virginia border to Crabtree Falls at Milepost 340 in North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Highlands Region is home to wonderful parks with picturesque lakes and high mountain peaks, rewarding visitors and hikers with stunning and memorable mountain views.

The Highlands Region is not dominated by any larger city spreading its modern conveniences. Historically, people in the Highlands Region were more isolated. They sustained homesteads through hard work, utilizing what they harvested to create what they needed. They walked to the nearest village to trade with others, giving rise to numerous smaller communities, which became so typical for this area.

Today, visitors find in many of those villages shops with authentic crafts and original artwork as well as hard-to-find antique treasures.