The Curb Market

Sign of The Curb Market in Downtown Hendersonville, North Carolina, Hendersonville Region.

The Curb Market offers local products, which are required by the market rules to come from within Henderson County.

Shoppers, who are interested in truly local products, may find some unique choices at this market.

Truly Local Products

The Curb Market offers all kind of fruits, produce, bread, flowers, eggs, woodwork, toys and crafts to name just a few product categories.

But not everybody is allowed to sell at The Curb Market. The rules state that the “sellers are required to be residents of Henderson County and to make or grow all items sold”. So, whatever you see at The Curb Market comes from within Henderson County. This unique aspect may give The Curb Market some extra appeal for shoppers who are looking to buy truly local products.

History of The Curb Market

In the early 1900s it was very cumbersome for farmers to trade their farm products for other goods they needed. They typically sold their produce off their truck or buggy wagon or went door-to-door whenever they came to town. For the less fortunate farmers, who lived further away from Hendersonville, it was a riskier trip to town as it was not so sure that customers were waiting for them to buy their produce. There was neither a schedule nor a single place where they all could gather.

While in Europe during World War I, young farmer Frank Fitzsimmons saw so-called Curb Markets, which were very common at that time and still are to this day.

Following this idea, farmers and editor Noah Hollowell from the Hendersonville News jointly approached the city and convinced them to allow the farmers to sell their goods on a vacant lot. The Curb Market was born and in June 1924 eight farmers could sell their goods for the first time. It grew quickly in popularity. In 1926, The Curb Market moved to a new building on King Street followed by another move to an even larger building on Church Street in the 1930s, which in 1955 was replaced by the current building.

The Curb Market is a covered building and therefore a great place to shop during any weather.

The Curb Market offers local products, which are required by the market rules to come from within Henderson County in order to be sold at the market.

The Curb Market is accessible with a stroller.

The Curb Market is wheelchair accessible.