Western North Carolina Air Museum

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A small museum but a gem for airplane enthusiasts.

Feel free to ask the staff and volunteers questions about airplanes.

You may quickly engage in a fascinating discussion.

Have you actually sat in an airplane in a museum? At this museum you can do this.

A Gem for Airplane Enthusiasts

The Western North Carolina Air Museum is a gem for airplane enthusiasts, who love to talk to one of the knowledgeable and equally passionate volunteers, or for parents with children who actually want to sit in one of these planes and experience them closely.

Different to many of the large and well know museums, where the planes are typically behind ropes, in the Western North Carolina Air Museum you are allowed to touch these planes. You can even sit in some of them and get an impression of how flying was like not even 100 years ago.

The majority of these aircrafts are still actively flown. Those aircrafts that are in need of restoration, are worked on by the dedicated team right inside hangar. Visitors can see the tedious work and meticulous craftsmanship involved that the folks at the museum provide to their aircrafts.

You may want to try to visit the museum during an airshow, when several of these planes are flown. You can see them start and land and circle the airfield. Don’t forget your camera for some unique pictures.

The majority of airplanes are housed in a hangar.

Ideal museum if you want to sit in an airplane and experience it close up.

The Western North Carolina Air Museum is accessible with a stroller.

The Western North Carolina Air Museum is wheelchair accessible.

Restrooms are available at the museum.